If you are looking for someone to stand in  for a film extra or you looking for a model to use for your army photo shoot you have come to the right place! I have stood in on films, programs and often used in press “still” photo’s for magazines. I have also appeared on British t.v. Extra’s work included “Red Caps” (Squaddie) and 28 Months later (US soldier). I also hold a full SIA doorman licence so I can also provide door security in army kit! I have full and correct army kit in various formats:-

MTP (Multi Terrain Pattern)

Soldier 95 (DPM)

Black SAS/SWAT/Special forces

Desert DPM

Army No: 2 dress uniform.

I also have various boots, cammo face paint, gas masks and can supply cammo netting if required.

In addition I have access to a SA80. Legal to use on private land but if you are asking me to use it in a public area (eg, filming), you will have to ask your local firearms officer for permission or be a registered film company. This weapon is de-commissioned.

I have been in the military and have worked for the government so I aware of army procedure.

Me in standard MTP (current and correct) UK army with replica SA80 rifle.

In full face cammo (far left),   S95 kit,   APT kit,   Been kidnapped,   Desert DPM (Far right)

Below in S95 kit and on a parade in London

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Rates are negotiable but all rates are exclusive of travel and hotel costs.

All pictures and text ©2008-2013 Alan Roberts (Sewell and Marbury Group)