The capitals only purpose built men only cruise venue.

Bunker: 217 City Road, Shoreditch, London, EC1V 1JN

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We have listened to your comments and suggestions so we have made a few changes. Buff is now all day Sunday. Semi-Buff is all day Saturday. Earlier closing times Mon-Thu now 1am.

Please note we are closed Mondays except for the London Jack-Off event on the third Monday. See

Also close on the first Tuesday of the month for a rest!

To find us, look for the door between the Shepherdess Cafe and the supermarket. If you are using the tube at Old Street use Subway/Exit 1. Walk up City Rd (past the hi-rise buildings), past the hospital and we’re identified by a single door. Please mind the steps when coming in, they’re steep! Don’t worry about having a bag to put your kit/gear in. We supply these, along with a money bag for you to keep. All your belongings are stored securely by trusted staff. If you have something valuable you want the manager lock up we can do this for you as well. You are advised to not to take important stuff like passports into the main club. Please leave these with the coat-check or duty manager.

You can contact us by either writing to the address at the top of the page Or by emailing the club at (Allow 24 hours for a response. We are not a sex line and our staff will just hang up if you get abusive. If you are a promoter asking about nights please email with full details. For lost property we will keep this 3 months. To call use 0774 249-2922. Allow time for us to get to the phone!

If you are staying on for Buff you will be asked to get yer kit off by the staff or security! You might like it!

Here is is a totally FREE event for all you skinheads and bootboys. Turn up in the right gear and it’s FREE entry. Note the new later time. No chucking out at midnight.

This Bunker has been totally refurbished with loads of space and plenty of darkrooms to hide in, we’ll be playing your favourite dirty skinhead films in the “Skinema”. Come down and get stuck in.

There is also some fresh meat laid on as some of the lads from Semi-Buff will the there from the previous event…! Remember it’s FREE in gear! This means proper skinhead kit and proper army gear. Make the effort or you won’t get in for free.


If you are looking for the original classic Buff evens they take place on Sunday 6pm-10pm, Wednesday 5pm to 10pm and Saturday 6pm to 10pm. You’re welcome to come to all events and stay on for other events at no extra cost! Just keep going! All events are getting very busy!

Please note that Naked Mates meet here every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. Everyone welcome. These events can get very busy. If you are Naked Mate user remember to bring your profile print out or have it on your mobile to get the discount.

Feel free to join the mailing list to keep up with news and information about MA1 events around the U.K. This includes events in London, Manchester and Blackpool when they happen. You can leave at anytime. We do not share information with third parties and all information is kept on a secure server that no one has access too except the MA1 management.

Please ensure that your email spam blocker is set to receive emails from “” This will ensure all emails get through! THIS IS A PROBLEM WITH HOTMAIL & GMAIL

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Club CP v Bad Lads made a return to the Bunker following the refurbishment and everyone who showed up loved the new space. Everyone one welcome to this event. So come on town if you are into spanking or S&M. We even had equipment to use and we now have a dedicated changing area so feel free to come along and get your best gear on and get stuck in!

No dresscode required. No membership needed. Just turn up!

Now open every Tuesday! See yo there.

Doors open 5pm to 10pm. We will stay open later if there are enough people in!

Suited makes a return to the club after a break. With the newly refurbished Bunker you won’t get your best suit filthy as this venue is clean and tidy. The event is also open to lads in smart casuals.

Please note that this event is not exclusively for men in suits as we are sharing the venue with the lads from Cruize so there will be a good mixture of up for it lads!

It’s FREE entry in February and we will be meeting on the third Thursday of the month with a new earlier opening time of 5pm so you can come strait from the office.

We have also got a discount when the door charge cuts in of £8.00 if you are in a suit! Entry included a FREE drink and coatcheck.

Please note that the venue is not filthy like other venues that host these nights. We have cleaners come in every day! So don’t ruin your suit…come to us instead!

Spurt was the original Wanking and Jacking party in London and it’s making a return. The team behind LJOC has come up with a place to meet on a Saturday. This event is not exclusively for wankers, we will be teaming up with the lads from Buff for this event. You’ll be able to give the lads from Buff a master class lesson in wanking!

Please note there is a dresscode of Underwear, Shorts, Jocks, Speedos or Naked for this event. You’re welcome to stay on for later party for FREE!

You do not need a ticket for this event. This is a Walk-Up and Pay party!

London Jack Off Club returns to Bunker in March with their usual Third Monday and strict rules!

We did this as we know there are some lads who can’t get away in the week so hopefully this will help you out!

We run a membership scheme if you want to join it, you don’t have to though. For £15 per year you get £1 off (usually 10%) off each event. You get a membership card with a code on it that that can used for special events and promotions when advertised and we have extra “Member Days” where you get and extra £2.00 off! If you have a membership card issued from the old venue this is still valid. Also all Gold Cards and Life Members are still also valid. See Alan for membership. If you are renewing that’s £10.00. Keep your card with you when coming to the club!

We run a number of promotions at the club. Some events have returned following the refurbishment of the venue. London Jack Off Club are returning in March. Spurt is returning in March as well. ClubCP teamed up with Bad Lads and have returned to Bunker. Suited will be returning mid February and they’ll be teaming up with The Suit & Tie Society to make it more fun! The lads from SAS (Skinheads & Squaddies) are hosting a FREE event as well. Other events like X-Boys (randy lads 18-30) are returning soon!

London Jack Off Club is the only “Jack-Off” (Wanking) club for men in the U.K. These nights sell out as the tickets are limited to 100 people per event! You’ll be able to buy tickets by clicking the link below. You are advised to book early as they go quick! We get all sorts of lads in trying to get load off their minds and it gets very hot and randy indeed! Please note that is not a sex club although there is a space in the venue where you have more than a wank with your mates. We get gay, strait and bi-curious and lads cheating on the misses! Very friendly people and everyone gets stuck in. There is a dresscode of naked, shorts, gym kit, jocks or Speedo’s but by the end of the evening most lads are stripped off!


Want a discount? Ulse code: LJOC2018 when booking! Loyalty tickets available at £8 from the club on the night.

Spurt, the smaller but less strict wanknig club is returning to Bunker as from March. See below for details! It’s on a Saturday so for the people who can’t make it for LJOC should be ok for this one.


Click the shopping cart or scan the code  to get your tickets for the London Jack Off Club! Limited Numbers only!

Please note that tickets are limited to 100 on-line tickets. You can buy a paper off-line ticket from Buff@The Backstreet when Buff meets at the venue. They are not available at any other times. You can also get a Loyalty Saver Ticket from London Jack-Off Club on the night for next event for £8.00!  These are now limited to ten per event.

Please note that this club is heavily over subscribed so buy a ticket to avoid disappointment. If you are abusive to our staff or other customers you will be barred for life.

We also get a few lads coming from further afield and from abroad! We have people fly in from the USA just for the London Jack Off Club. If you are looking for a hotel please use a hotel booking website.

There are a number of hotels near by for various budgets. There is a Travelodge, Premier Inn, Z Hotels, Mountcalm and some other private hotels nearby. The nearest hotel to the club is the Premier Inn which is about 500 yards away and also near Old Street Station. Good websites to search are