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Club CP started life at Central Station in Kings Cross way back in 2001. We stayed there for several years until the venue went bankrupt in late 2008 to the tune of £350.000! So after a protracted court case we left that smelly dump and move over to the Play Pit across the road to which we only stayed a few weeks until we moved again.

After been at the Play Pit we moved over to Union in Vauxhall and stayed there for about one year until we sold the venue in 2011.

We moved to the The Backstreet for a few months due to falling numbers and the location that proved unpopular with the regular ClubCP customers we decided to call it a day.

In late 2012 we re-opened at East Bloc in Shoreditch that has proved a huge success. The new venue is perfect for ClubCP with loads of space and hiding places within it’s labyrinth. We’ll be there for the foreseeable future.

We welcome all our existing and new customers to come along and join us at the new venue!

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