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Club-CP now meets every Tuesday except the 1st Tuesday of the month. Times are the same, 7pm to 11pm so you can get home on the tube!

Facilities at the club include:-

Video room, CP rooms, smaller areas for 1-2-1’s, full bar, lots of seating and other equipment to bend over! We also have equipment for you to use but you are welcome to bring your own. We also have plenty of space to get changed if you need to and a secure coatcheck. Valuables can be locked in the office if you require.

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If you are an MA1 paid up member please email me direct with a photo of your membership card and I’ll add you to the private mailing for added bonuses!

Thanks to all those who have supported the club! Due to customers responses we will be keeping the club open as you all seem to like it as it is.

As you know Club-CP is ran more of a hobby and makes no money for the club. However please note that these events to cost money to put on and we rely on bar take to keep it going and pay the wages for three people.

Hanging on to a bottle of water all night and filling it with tap water doesn’t help either! I know some of you spend a lot and we thank you all for this!

See you all soon!



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