Club CP is the club for men who like to give or take corporal punishment. You can be on any level from a light spanker to a serious caner! We get all sorts of people in from lads to older men. Feel free to change into your favourite gear or kit. We have equipment to use including paddles, straps and canes. But you can just use your hands! We have video screens, spank areas, benches to bend over, smaller booths and a darker area of the venue.

Please note that I have  managed to find staff to open every Tuesday for you all! More time to play!  

This club is men only over 18 years old. I.D may be required if you are lucky enough to look under 21! £10.00 Non Members / £9 Members with card. We’re open Tuesday 5.00pm to 10.00pm. All events now include a FREE drink and coatcheck.

We welcome all lads into CP & S+M. Slave/Master, Boot Boi, Pups and their handlers and all spankers no matter what your level. Don’t be worried or shy… come along and join in. Do as little or as much as you want to. There is no pressure to do anything!

Feel free to join the mailing list to keep up with news and information about ClubCP events around the U.K. This includes events in London, Manchester and Blackpool when they happen. You can leave at anytime. We do not share information with third parties and all information is kept on a secure server that no one has access too except the MA1 management. We adhere to the GDPR and registered. If you do not wish to join the mailing list you can log into Facebook and read information from there. You don’t even have to “like” the page!

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If you want to contact us please use the information below. For lost property contact the venue direct.

Email us at admin[at] (Replace at with @). This is avoid spam harvesting.

We have totally refurbished the club and extended the playspace.

 Also are changing the format to include “Bad Lads” and the price. So as from February entry will £10 Non members or £9 members but this includes a FREE drink and the coatcheck! So see you all soon at either venue! Plus we  are now open every Tuesday! 5pm to 10pm (Venue closes at 10pm on Tuesday)

Visit the ClubCP forum to post your comment and ideas or contacts!