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Cage X-Press Industries has been making bespoke cages from around 1987. We started making cages for animals and supplied a number of vets and even a zoo. Having made a number of cages and other types of metalwork we were asked by big companies including television studios, theatres and film makers to start making props and other types of metalwork from simple chairs right up to large lighting rigs and gantries. Eventually we ended up making replica dungeon equipment for various uses including private houses, ladies & gents who rely on using this type of equipment for their business whilst still making equipment for more “serious” uses.

Please note that CXI was to be closing down for retirement after nearly 30 years of trading.  However we have had a lot of requests for us to stay open, we are very flattered. We will continue trading for a another year to keep you lot happy!

Thanks for your continued support!

We now only make bespoke products and we no longer supply articles from foreign suppliers due to poor quality workmanship. We can make anything you want from a simple collar right up to a full on fighting cage.

We excel in cages and make lots of them for all manner of purposes including commercial, marine, domestic, industrial and fetish. We have supplied a number of hotels and nightclubs with equipment plus we have supplied diving (shark cages) for aqua-marine purposes. You can have you cage built to any specification but we do make a “Set Menu” cage menu where you can buy off the shelf.

All products are fully functional. Fetish cages are sold as “Novelty purposes Only”.

All metalwork is made from top quality metal and for cages we only use mitred joints and plasma welding. All metalwork is only limited by your (or mine) imagination! You are welcome to submit your own plans and we can see what we can do for you…… Give us a call or email.

When ordering on-line remember to add the delivery!

We no longer deliver abroad as it is very expensive and tracking is impossible.