You can contact us via email:

You can also write to me at MA1, East Bloc, 217 City Rd, London, EC1V 1JN

Alan can be found at most venues at some point!

We used to have a mobile but there were so many nutters ringing us all night we dumped it.

For lost property please contact the venue direct where you lost the item. Items are kept for no more than six months then they are given to local charity shops.

If you are interested in working for MA1 please email us. We are always interested in security (SIA) staff, bar staff or promotional interaction. We also welcome co-promotions from other clubs and venues.

Before contacting us these answers may help you.

Q: Do you take cards on door or bar?

A: We take cards at The Backstreet and Bunker Bar for the door only, We can do cashback as well. The only card we do not accept is American Express or Solo.

Q: What is minimum age I can get in?

A: 18 is the min. If you are lucky to look young please bring I.D!

Q: Is there a bar?

A: Clue is the name “Bunker Bar” and The Backstreet has plenty of beer on draught.

Q: Will it get busy in the venue?

A: Alas I don’t have a crystal ball and Mistic Megg is on holiday this week.

Q: Can I smoke at the venue?

A: Yes, but  only in the designated outside areas at each venue. The Backstreet has a heated terrace area.

Q: Is there a coatcheck?

A: Yes, at each venue. The Backstreet and Bunker Bar has a changing area as well.

Q: Can I get a taxi or mini-cab from the venue?

A: We can get you a taxi or mini-cab. The Backstreet has a cab office next door.

Q: I understand Naked Mates meet at Buff?

A: Yes, they meet twice a month and have extra private parties at both The Bunker Bar and The Backstreet.

Q: Can I shag the doorman?

A: Just ask!

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