For Buff on Wednesday and Sunday it’s Naked only.

For Buff on Saturday & LJOC it’s Naked, Shorts, Gym kit, Jocks or Swimwear.

For SAS (Skinheads and Soldiers) it’s skinhead (boots, braces, MA1’s Perry’s, combats, bleachers, Max No4), Army gear, any other proper military or forces uniform. Leather including bike gear, Scramble bike gear, Rubber, Sports and scally. You can go naked with boots only. Please make the effort and look the part. No fashion clothes or slacks!

For Suited it’s Two or Three piece, City Gent look, very smart casuals. Shoes only. NO trainers or jeans.

Foorwear must be worn in all venues regardless of dresscode.

We reserve the right to refuse admission. Please make the effort!

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