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For The Bunker Bar events

Nearest tube: Old Street / Rail: Old Street Bus: 21, 43, 55, 76, 135, 141, 205, 214, 243, 271 & 394. Boris Bikes, Pay Parking before 6.30pm weekday. Free parking at weekends.

Some information and rules of all our clubs.

We no longer sell Aromas (Poppers) or Erection pills at The Bunker. This is due to the dangers with taking both aromas and pills together. All other venues sell aromas.

Absolutely no illegal drugs allowed in any of the venues we operate at. This includes “G”, “tina”, cannabis, coke or anything like that. Anyone found taking these drugs will have the remainder confiscated and removed and barred from the venue. MA1 is proud of the fact that all our venues are drug free and we don’t want them in the club. The management take a dim view of this and you will be barred from all our events no matter where they are. If you are un-fit, elderly or large/obese please do not take Aromas. See medical advice first.

We do not allow un-opened bottle of aromas in the venue. Sealed ones are OK.

If you appear to be drunk or drugged on entrance we reserved the right to refuse entry

All clubs are for men over 18. You may need I.D if you are fortunate to look younger than 21.

No smoking in any of venue except in the designated areas at each venue. Includes E-Cigs

We work closely with the NHS and operate Safe Sex venues with trained managers and staff.

We take card payments on the door only at The Backstreet

Cards can be used on the door and bar at The Bunker when available

We do not accept cards without Chip n Pin (Usually American cards)

We are not able to offer Cashback. There are machines near by venues

MA1 offers a membership scheme although you don’t have to join if if you don’t want to. However if you do, you get £1 off (10%) off entry price at Buff and £1 off all other events. Also your membership card contains a special code that can be used on the MA1 ticket website to get extra queue jump and discounted tickets. If you are a member please ensure you do not lose your ticket as there is no data back up for them. They last for one year and cost £15.00. (Renewal is £10.00

The Legal Crap

MA1™ & Bunker Bar™ logo is a registered trade mark of the Sewell and Marbury Group (London)

All club names including The Bunker Bar London are ©2019 of Sewell and Marbury

MGS and GSG used with permission / We are not connected to any other clubs with a similar sounding name

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