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Welcome to my bit of the Internet. For those who know me I have been around for a while and have been involved with the s+m and club land in and around London starting in 1981 up north with a club event called Chuf Chuf. I was involved with the UK skinhead scene in the late seventies (a real skinhead!) and then in the late nineties running clubs like MA1: Skinheads and Commando in London. I am into very heavy corporal punishment and run Club CP in London,  boots and army kit big time plus also into rugby kit, boxing kit, other tight shorts, leather, gas masks, helmets, balaclava's, playing around with replica guns, verbal scenes, outdoor fun etc.....I am versatile, I give as much as I get and visa-versa. I do vanilla to rough!  I still do a bit of boxing, it helps been a doorman! I now make and design metalwork!

Rough skinhead up for sex. Into skin kit, rubber, aggro, leather/bikers, army kit, boots, rugger & footy players, trakkie lads, terrace lads, gas masks, gob, verbal, rough, fighting, role play, strangulation, breath control and corporal punishment sessions. I will give/take hard punishment beatings with the right person. Also into role play with replica guns and other weapons! Have been known to give people the odd black eye and I will fight back if need be. Also not a gay man going bald, I have a full head of hair that can be grown back at anytime. Been a skinhead since I was 14 years old so not a poof who has just bought some cammo's and calls himself a skinhead. Don't even think of emailing me if your profile has no image or just cock shots. Up for meeting new mates for a shag or not as the case may be. Not into chicken, prefer men who look like men. . , rough lookers, bikers, soldiers, skins, men with scars, tats, rubber pervs etc.  Have a big interest in soldiers (serving or not) and army kit so if you are into the same let me know. Soldiers still the forces are ok as I'll ensure maximum discretion as I know what bastards the army can be towards queer boys. Not into Muscle Mary's or gym queens or prissy wannabe S&M'ers with stupid chrome armbands on. Not into Coke heads or Piss heads.

Born in Leicester in the late 60's, I was a quite a tearaway, XBB, HM Resident(!), army then worked in local, central government and other military stuff for eighteen years. Now live in North London. I have lived in Egypt and Beirut but mainly dragged up in and around London. I have no interest in queeny places like Ibiza, Gran Canaria or Mikonos. Prefer cities like Madrid and London but quite happy to spend a holiday in Barmouth in Wales. Live in the real world, catch buses and tubes and shop at Chav World (Soccer Sports) on Oxford Street.

Likes cats, spiders, snakes and butch dogs even though I have a Pomeranian!

Mother owned a chain of dress shops so I have a phobia about coat hangers and sequins but I know my way around the rag trade on Commercial Road in London. Father was a brilliant inventor/industrialist for a well known German company, but pioneered many inventions including valves for Mullard and built power stations!

If you you want to contact me please do so by emailing alanatlondon[at]gmail.com  CHANGE THE at with @ to prevent spam harvesting. All images, stories and text are ©2014 Alan Roberts. Do not nick my images!