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I have had various nightclubs and venues that I have owned, co-owned or promoted events at. I still operate venues in the London area and host a number of events outside London including the Gay Skinhead Group, Manchester Gay Skinheads, Blackpool Gay Skin Weekends and Soldier Away Weekends in Wales. We also have ran corporal punishment weekends in and around Snowdonia!

Many of you know I worked for both local and central government and worked in the military for a number of years at various levels and bases. I did TA training for a number of years and still do orienteering and map reading lessons to mainly lads in the army. I have had various jobs from a mortuary official, metalworker (I made cages for years and other dungeon equipment). I also run where we get paid for kidnapping people for fun! I also owned a sex shop and I am a fully trained lighting engineer. Plus been a film extra in a few films and still do private and personal security to some well known people. I hold a firearms training certificate and I am also hold a licence for Escape and Evasive Driving! I am a fully trained sniper so don’t piss me off! My father was a brilliant inventor and industrialist and worked for several years in Germany during the Cold War for the British government.

My mother is titled and was in the rag trade in London & Leicester for forty years or so! My grandmother ran a brothel in Bermondsey for errant sailors and my granddad was in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. My great granddad was part of the 1849’ers in the Klondyke and built a small town in Canada that is still standing today! We can trace our family back to 1353!

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I also published a number of short stories for a fetish magazine and I have also appeared on television in a documentary about fetish kidnapping services. You can read the stories by clicking HERE

The taxi neared the main terminal building at Templehoffe Airport, all three passengers looking out of the windows at the austere concrete buildings that made up the complex. Planes flew overhead on the approach to the runway, you could pick out words and numbers on the undercarriage they where that close to the ground. As the planes went overhead the old Mercedes rattled as the engines roared overhead. The airport was a product of 1960's Berlin, severe concrete and glass angles adorned the main building, large sliding glass doors worked overtime to keep up with the amount of people coming and going with bags, trolleys and plastic bags that clinked with duty free bottles of wine and beer knocking together. The taxi made the approach to the departure drop off point, already there was a clamber for the taxi and before the three passengers could get out the driver was heckled for business. A large portly overweight German businessman made it clear that this was his taxi and promptly sat himself down on the front passenger seat as soon as it became vacant.

The only recompense for the takeover of the taxi was that they where left with a useful baggage trolley that were duly filled with the contents of the boot of the car. All three of them scratched around their pockets for some money and just had enough to pay for the fare and even give a small tip. They where left on the pavement while throngs of people shuffled passed them jostling for space and banging into their legs with suitcases on wheels. They looked slightly menacing to the German locals, all where wearing English football team colours and all the three of them had had their heads shaved only the other day. The sun was beating down and the although they managed to get into the confines of the air conditioned airport concourse sweat was pouring off all three of them, this made their England shirts stick to their firm muscled bodies, several tattoo's could be made out through the thin cotton material. They all wore shorts that showed off their cock and balls nicely, in fact Alan's cock hung almost to the point of sticking out of the bottom of the leg of the shorts. Their sweating was made worse by several gallons of beer that had been consumed over the last twenty-four hours; so every other minute they used their shirts to wipe the sweat from their brows. They approached the airline check in desk that was manned my a thin woman in a dark blue uniform with a cap on that looked like something out of Stingray, she asked for their passports, tickets and told them to place to all the luggage on the weighing scales.

While the process of checking was taking place John, the eldest and chunkiest of the threesome poked the other two in unison in their ribs and made a nod to the his left. All three glanced over towards a desk in the middle of the check-in area and saw five armed Policemen with full kit on and wearing storm trooper boots and helmets. They all where memorised by their chiselled looks and tight fitting uniforms. It was becoming obvious that the three of them where staring at the five policemen as the checkout had to raise her voice to ask what seats they wanted. "Window or Aisle", she asked them, they ignored her briefly and all three of them turned back to her and said "Window seats!" John spoke up and corrected them all and said "all in a row". She processed the tickets and handed back their passports and tickets, which where stuffed into a side pocket of the only bag that, didn't contain boxes of fags and booze.

They picked up the remaining bags and made their way past the desk where the police sat and headed for passport control. Both groups looked as menacing as each other, all had crew cuts or where shaved. An uneasy stand off took place as they walked past the policemen. Both looked at each other but Alan glanced down at their boots and immediately felt his cock hardening up in his shorts. He noticed also that one of the policemen had a huge bulge in his trousers and as they approached the passport desk they all looked at each other. Alan said "Fuck, did you see that lump in his trousers?" John and Mick agreed and all where gagging for a shag by this stage. Passport control went without incident but customs was another matter, the metal detector picked up Alan's cock ring and the officer had to do a hand scan with a portable scanner, it screeched as it approached his cock and the dial flicked over to the red. John followed Alan through the detector but this time a red light flashed either side of the frame, this attracted the five policemen's attention. All five of them left the desk station and walked over to passport control, Mick was the only one not to go through but he quickly followed and this sent the same alarm off.    By this time another well-heeled uniformed officer came from behind a control panel and asked them to step aside while the other passengers went through. The senior officer asked them to follow him into a side room, he was polite and said it was nothing to worry about; he turned around and led them off into a clean white walled room, with six chairs against the wall and table. It was brilliantly lit and at the other end of the room was a door that was the examining room as a doctors bed and a large lamp suspended from the ceiling where the only things that could be seen.

The officer asked them for their passports and all three of them handed them over for inspection, he flicked through the pages of them all and turned them around as if he was looking at centre page spread in a grot magazine. But he handed them back and was polite and "Thank you". Alan turned around and the five policemen where standing at the open door, one of them had his fingers poised on trigger on his rifle and he could see that several passengers had stopped to be nosy at the proceedings. To the side of the door was a large one-way mirror, the senior officer lowered the blinds and asked the policemen to come into the room. They shuffled in and propped themselves up against the wall and an uneasy atmosphere came over the room. The was a short discussion between the policemen and the airport official and after a few seconds he left the room leaving the lads at one end and five policeman at the other; both staring intently at each other. Jon and Mick felt that they where been mentally undressed by the policemen and both their cocks starting twitching in the shorts. By now Alan was rock hard and it was virtually impossible to hide that the fact that his cock was so stiff that the other two lads could see it sticking up out of his shorts from where they where standing. A damp patch was forming on the thin material on Alan's shorts which made his shorts go almost see-through, he was conscious of this and put his left hand down his shorts to pull the lump of stiff meat upright, but it was that hard it just stuck out like flag pole. On the other side of the room one of the policemen was deeply absorbed by size of his cock and he placed his right thumb in the pocket of his black combats and put the rest of his fingers over a long ridge of hard cock that was bulging down his leg. After about five minutes of this stand off one of the policemen walked over to Alan and made a sideways nodding gesture to Alan to follow him into the room with the examination trolley in it.

Alan quickly glanced at the other two lads and sauntered off into the room followed closely by the policeman. The door slammed behind them and a key could be heard turning in the lock. In the room where the rest of them stood two of the policemen walked over to John and Mick, both John and Mick where surprised how tall and beefy they where, these men obviously meant business and they where not going to argue with them. "Hands on your heads and turn around", one of them said lifting the rifle so that it pointed up to ceiling. Without hesitation they did as they where told, there cocks where that hard that they almost touched the pure white wall of the room. Mick who's legs where covered in tattoos of Union Jacks and motifs of skinhead bands felt the cold metal of the rifle on the back of his right leg, he shivered and his cock immediately stiffened up to rock solid proportions, so hard in fact that the elastic on his shorts stretched outwards. The end of the gun was carefully manoeuvred so it travelled up his arse crack and as it got over his shorts it lifting his England shirt up revealing a perfectly formed well muscled back covered in skinhead tattoo and a large dragon that wrapped it's self around his whole body. While all this was going on the two remaining policemen had left the room and locked the door behind them so the odds where now even&ldots;one on one.    In the back room Alan was ordered to strip off, he did so leaving his shorts until last, he stood in the middle of the room legs spread and rock solid. The policeman walked around Alan without loosing his focus on his cock and arse and he put his rifle down on the floor and took out a pair of rigid handcuffs out of his pocket pouch. He played with them as if they where worry beads, spinning them around on his index finger. Instinctively for some reason Alan put his hands behind his back almost expecting the handcuffs to be put on the waiting wrists. Without much hesitation the policeman in one well practiced movement where placed on his wrists. Alan's cock was rock solid an a patch of spunk formed on the outstretched material, he felt a hand slip down his arse and in about the two seconds the shorts where around his ankles revealing yet more tattoo's on his arse cheeks. He stood there for what seemed an eternity has the policeman stalked around him occasionally feeling his stiff cock as he navigated himself around to the front of Alan again.

There he stood, motionless, legs spread on display, cock stiff as a board and dripping cream onto the floor. He glanced around him and noticed the medical examination bed has straps fitted to all four legs and a large belt in the middle for tethering the waist. In the far corner was a white cupboard with large Red Cross on it, partially opened he could just make some interesting medical equipment, a speculum could clearly be seen and a large chrome cylindrical object was perched up against a box of surgical gloves. On the shelf below was a biggest tub a lubricating gel Alan had ever seen. After a while he could feel the warm breath of the policeman on his neck and it wasn't long before that his hands where starting to ache with the weight of the solid metal cuffs. A hand slowly moved up Alan's back, it carefully noted the defined muscles and followed the outline of the dragon tattoo right up to his neck. As the policeman's hand got to the top of his back he squeezed Alan tight around the his neck and was duly jostled a few steps towards the bed, he feet lifted up and his shorts where left in a heap from where he was standing. Alan was forced to bend over the bed lengthways, his feet barely touching the floor but near enough to the straps to be put around his ankles. Alan's legs where kicked apart until both where strapped up, the waist strap was done up tight and two wrist straps where hoisted off the floor and clamped onto his wrists. He was now helpless but not in discomfort, his arse stuck up in the air just enough for the darkened hole to be exposed to the world. He could clearly see the contents of the medical cabinet now as the policeman opened both doors up to reveal a variety of instruments and boxes written in German with pictures of medical tools and instruments stuck to them.

By now Alan watched the policeman remove his jacket and hang it off the end of the rifle that was propped up in the corner of the room. He undid his belt and unclipped the top button on his fatigues and pulled out an enormous red-ended cock that looked like one of the sausages that Germans love to eat. He stood in front of Alan's gob and slowly pushed the wet flaming red bulb into the gaping hole. It was that long that Alan gagged on the lump of meat and he nearly puked as it was rammed down the back of his throat. He struggled but in doing so caused the handcuffs to grip even tighter, he grimaced for a while but managed to move his wrists to a more comfortable position. The policeman's hand came down on the back of his head, which stopped Alan lurching upwards to avoid the lump of meat choking him. After a while he pulled his cock out of Alan's gob, it dripped with gob and cum, it was steaming with the heat, this gave Alan to recoup some breath back. He noticed that the medical cupboard doors where wide open now as the policeman rummaged inside for something. Alan could see his arse poking out between his jacket and his fatigues that where dropped to the top of his thighs. He turned around to reveal a gasmask in one hand and the speculum in the other, Alan's cock was twitching with excitement and without much waiting the gasmask was placed over his face and adjusted so that where no gaps, it was pitch black as well, the eye holes had been blacked out with what looked like insulation tape so he was now blind as well as defenceless. What seemed to be hours passed although it was only a couple of minutes, he heard the door open and footsteps. There where the shuffling of bodies and the distinctive sound of clothes been removed, while this was going on, all of a sudden a finger moist with gob was rammed up his arsehole, he gave a muffled cry and the gasmask made loader snorting noises as the hose flapped around like a elephants trunk. Alan thought to himself that this might hurt as he was only fucked badly the other day and was feeling sore from the experience.

He sensed someone standing in front of him pick the hose of the gas mask up, then the air was cut off. Alan managed to take one last gulp of air before there was total cut off, he started to squirm as the air was running out and he felt someone playing with cock, rubbing lube into his swollen cock head. He wanted to shot but held back as if his shot the experience would become nasty. So Alan held out, suddenly air was allowed again, he breathed quickly and grabbed what air he could before the next time came. It came alright, his gasmask filled up with warm piss, Alan had no choice except to swallow, the piss still came and he gagged on the warm fluid until he drunk the lot. His face stung with piss and it nearly made him puke. The air was restricted again but not entirely cut off, he felt someone messing around with the filter on the side and sure enough as he anticipated the sure odour of poppers filled the mask up. His heart pounded and he could feel his arse going slack, he was aware that more fingers where been forced up his crack and he squirmed around on the bed. The gasmask was now a stinking smell of piss, poppers and rubber; he moved his lower body up and down on the bed, his cock just touching the end of the mattress.

After a few minutes he could hear people gobbing on his arsehole, he felt it trickle down his smooth cheeks. Some thing metallic was placed on his back and he felt a hand on each side of his arse, both parted the cheeks and exposed the ripe gaping hole in unison. His hole twitched and contracted and as the air got more restricted his arse would open up even more. The object was taken off his back and sure enough the prongs of the speculum where inserted up his hole. At this point the air was cut off again, as it was forced up breathing became difficult and the rubber of the gasmask started to contract onto his face as air ran out. He struggled and after a while the speculum had been rammed right up his hole to the hilt. The gasmask was released again and he took a deep breath, his whole body moved up as his chest expanded. Alan started to feel the prongs of the speculum expand in his hole and at the same time felt warm piss running down his back and arse crack. The cold chrome of the instrument became more apparent as it opened up further. He let out muffled groans and was subjected to more poppers and piss, his hands outstretched and fingers went taught, his wrists chafed on the cuffs and he had to relax. By now his arse was at full stretch, he felt like he was going to burst at any moment, his hole was that tight that there was no movement to even contract the hole. At this stage all three policemen took it in turns gobbing up the red hole, one of them got his cock out and pissed right into the crevice. Alan felt the piss warm up his hole, but with one swift movement the device was removed, Alan's hole quickly contracted trapping any piss that happened to remain up there. He let out a deep moan as his arsehole tried to reconstruct itself. It wasn't long before he felt something bigger go up there, it was obviously someone's fist, fingers first then a bit more lube then the whole fist was up. His arse squelched with lube, gob and piss and the policeman took it in turns fisting his hole, while two worked the rear one was working the gasmask. As Alan got more relaxed his body slumped flat on to the mattress, one of the policemen took Alan to limit with gasmask and he was just about to go over the edge when the air supply was returned. By now all of them had worked his arse out and where thrusting right up to their forearms, one of them whacked his arse with a belt and he could feel a wheal rising where it had landed, this happened about ten times and by the eighth time his arse was welted to fuck. This just added to pleasure and more so his whole body was tilted to one side as surgical clamps where put on his tits and done up tight.

Alan lay there groaning with pleasure as the pain intensified, his balls where now subject to torture. He felt a boot press them up against his arse and press down hard. The bed moved forward with the pressure and the metal legs scratched on the tiled floor. Alan yelped, the gasmask thought was yanked from his head and he squinted while his eyes adjusted to the brilliant white light. The same cock was thrust in his gob and Alan swallowed it and he could taste cum in his gob. Sure enough the policeman's cock exploded right in Alan's gob, he was taken aback by the force of it and the spunk was fired right down the back of throat. Alan continued to suck the head dry and made sure that no spunk was left un-swallowed. The reddened cock was rubbed around his lips and spunk was dripping from his face onto the floor. He was given a few seconds to compose himself ready for the next onslaught. One of the policemen took a length of rope out of his pocket and made a loop out of it, it was quickly placed around Alan's neck and pulled hard. Alan's back arched up with the pressure and it wasn't long before his face started to go red, he gasped several times then felt a cock go up his hole, it stretched it and he moaned as it was rammed in right up as far as it could go, the ramming intensified. One of them pushed his head down onto the mattress, this gave Alan chance to recover from the makeshift noose that was around his neck, his face was turned towards a fat bulbous cock and in a few seconds a warm stream of piss filled Alan's gob up. He gagged and wasn't drank was spat out on the floor. A short while later Alan felt more spunk been shot up his raw hole, the bed had moved almost to the medicine cabinet and then it was the turn of someone else to shag him. By now his arse was starting to ache but he made the most of it and with the pain of his tits and the noose around his neck Alan was going to enjoy it as much as he could. The pumping continued for what seemed an eternity and while the rear was been worked a different spunked and shit covered cock pissed his face on again. This times the thrusts where harder and deeper and the pain was quite intense, but he was taking it well. The two policemen who had just fucked him took it turns forcing their cocks down his throat and Alan's jaw was becoming tied, the last one fucked him so hard that by now the bed was rammed up against the medicine cabinet and banging into the doors. The final spunk was fired right up his arse but this time the policeman slouched over him and as his cock went limp his let a stream of piss fill up the cavity. Alan groaned as the warm fluid cooled down a red-hot arsehole and as the cock was pulled out Alan yelped as his arse fell back into position. His body was limp and exhausted. All the policemen looked pleased with themselves and fiddled about with their uniforms and straitening their caps. One of them left the room and with leaving the door ajar it would of seemed that the other two lads had suffered a similar fate. The restraints where cut and the noose removed Alan managed to clamber of the bed and get enough strength to get dressed again. The remaining two policemen watched him intensely as he bent over and exposed his red raw hole, it oozed with spunk, piss and shit but he managed to get dressed without dripping everywhere. All three of them where handed back their tickets and remaining luggage and shown back into the main departure lounge via a different door. Just before they thought they where safe one of the policemen shouted over to Alan and he gave him a bit of paper with phone number on just in case they ever returned. It wasn't long though into the flight home the three of them where planning their return visit for another look at Berlin!