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ClubCP now meets every Tuesday 6pm to 10pm

Blackout meets every Saturday 6pm to 10pm with the option of staying on some weeks depending on the venue being open after 10pm

Every Tuesday

ClubCP is the longest established corporal punishment club for men in the UK. We’ve been going  for well over eighteen years in one guise or another at various venues throughout London.

We welcome men from the age of 18 upwards and no matter level you are at you’ll fit in! No matter if you’re a beginner/novice or a old hand at swishing that cane or using that hand you’ll be welcome.

We have loads of space to play in spread over several zones over 2000sq-ft! We have equipment to use, various things to bend over and lie on! There are darker areas for the more adventurous person!

Plus we’re fully air conditioned and fully vented. We even have central heating but after a spanking you won’t need that! Changing area available and we’re clean and tidy! Mood lighting and music to spank to! No dresscode but look out for theme nights!

We also have a discrete entrance about five minutes from Old Street tube/rail. No trekking through housing estates and open parks. We are on the main London Inner Ring Road!

ClubCP and Blackout are sponsored by www.whappz.com

Spanking Profiles for men!