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I have had various nightclubs and venues that I have owned, co-owned or promoted events at. I still operate venues in the London area and host a number of events outside London including the Gay Skinhead Group, Manchester Gay Skinheads, Blackpool Gay Skin Weekends and Soldier Away Weekends in Wales. We also have ran corporal punishment weekends in and around Snowdonia!

Many of you know I worked for both local and central government and worked in the military for a number of years at various levels and bases. I did TA training for a number of years and still do orienteering and map reading lessons to mainly lads in the army. I have had various jobs from a mortuary official, metalworker (I made cages for years and other dungeon equipment). I also run where we get paid for kidnapping people for fun! I also owned a sex shop and I am a fully trained lighting engineer. Plus been a film extra in a few films and still do private and personal security to some well known people. I hold a firearms training certificate and I am also hold a licence for Escape and Evasive Driving! I am a fully trained sniper so don’t piss me off! My father was a brilliant inventor and industrialist and worked for several years in Germany during the Cold War for the British government.

My mother is titled and was in the rag trade in London & Leicester for forty years or so! My grandmother ran a brothel in Bermondsey for errant sailors and my granddad was in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. My great granddad was part of the 1849’ers in the Klondyke and built a small town in Canada that is still standing today! We can trace our family back to 1353!

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I also published a number of short stories for a fetish magazine and I have also appeared on television in a documentary about fetish kidnapping services. You can read the stories by clicking HERE